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Cooked on a bed of salt?



As I said before, I didn’t end up posting as many meals as I hoped during my summer road trip through the states.

This is mostly because we ate a lot of the same thing to save on money: sandwiches, beans and quesadillas.

But, during the long weekend this month, we went camping in Golden with my brother and his girlfriend and cooked salmon on the grill in a really unique way: we cooked it on a bed of salt. And no, the fish doesn’t taste salty at all. I think it all goes into the skin.

Anyway, even though I made it awhile ago now I really wanted to share it because it’s easy and tastes great.

What you’ll need:
Two salmon fillets (try Costco for a good price)
A box (Yup, a box) of salt.
Either a pan to place on your barbecue or a flat iron grill for in the house.
Lemon wedges
Sprig of dill

Here we go:
1. I lined the grill with tinfoil so the salt didn’t cause a huge mess.

2.Pour the box of salt onto the tinfoil/grill over medium heat. You’re going to want to watch the salt and probably stir it around a bit with a flipper. Wait 10 minutes or so until the salt is hot. Don’t touch it, you’ll burn yourself (trust me) but do put the back of your hand against the salt to see how it’s warming up.

3. Place the fillets, skin side down on the salt bed. Let it cook. I suggest covering it with tinfoil and check on in in 15 minutes. It took about 20 for the salmon to cook to where I wanted it. It’s nice and pink and you’ll see the fat start to ooze out.

4. Turn off the heat. You should be able to scrape the salmon right off its’ skin with a flipper and knife.

5. Top with lemon juice and dill or seasoning of your choice.

6.Enjoy with some baby potatoes and a salad.