Thanksgiving on the road: part I





Happy thanksgiving! I am camping in Radium this weekend with the family and we’re not missing out on turkey. We’re doing it a little differently and smoking it.
So I’ll be live-blogging this event this weekend so you can see how it turns out.
We started this morning creating a cold brine for the turkey. This is allows the flavor to soak into the bird so the flavour won’t disappear during the smoking.
Here’s what we used:
A turkey (ours is about 14 pounds)
Dry mustard
Salt and pepper
1 cup apple cider vinegar
Two bags of ice

OK I don’t have amounts calculated. We poured our spices generously


Here’s what we did:
1. Put the turkey in a garbage bag inside a cooler
2. Add all of the ingredients into the bag.
3. Close the lid and let it brine away overnight.

Talk soon in part II when we put it in the smoker.


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